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The picture of machine which you see, is The Automatic Chellehkesh Machine (A.CH.M) for handmade carpets in variety of sizes and rows. This invention has registered in industrial ownership office of Islamic Republic of Iran By No: 25508.The project of making of A.CH.M is selected as the winner of the best invention of Eleventh Kharazmi International Festival (Tehran February 4, 1998) . Ideation of this machine has received the golden medal and certificate of the best young inventor from world Property Organization (W.I.P.O)  in 1998.

 The Automatic Chellehkesh Machine (A.CH.M) for handmade carpets in variety of sizes (1*1.5)-(1.5*2)-(2*3)-(2.5*3.5)-(3*4)-(3.5*5)-(6*4)-(5*7)-(6*87)-(10*7)-(10*8) in linages 18 to 100 for difaments such as cotton, silken and woolen. Having the rate 1800 rows  in hour. A.CH.M produces ready, packaged, transportable and installable warps in the shortest possible time. In addition  the A.CH.M keeps the position of threads in produced warps by pressing  8 rows of sticky tapes for supporting in back and front to disorganiztion of  packaging, transporting  and installation process by the end weaving. For installation of prouced warps, the one of side timbers of keeper is brought out and warp;s skein is ridden on the horizontal timbers. 

Also, A.CH.M injects two of threads into the warp lines for making the male and pair condition. A hoop iron and a wood belt is passed at the direct of lower and upper thread, respectively.

the other aevantages of handmade warp cosists;  decreasing the cost and period of handmade warping from 48 hour to one (1) hour.

 All of applicants, producers and of handmade carpets can contact our for use of our services contained; automatic warping or buying the A.CH.M by following address:
No: (8) - BAHAR CHELLEH KHOY CO - SHAHID GHSEMZADEH Alley - EMAMZADEH Sq - KHOY city - IRAN - Tel/Fax: 00984612333971 - mobile: 00989143614800
Inventor: Mr Ghorban Ali Jafar Navessi Asl
Precedet: inventor. Vocation:directorate mistress BAHAR CHELLEH CO

Technical Catalogue 

P=1000 w
V=220   AC~
I=5     A
F=50     HZ


























Bahar Chelleh Khoy Co.

 Address: Bahar Chelleh Khoy Co- No 8 - Gasemzadeh Alley - Emamzadeh  Sq. Khoy City -Iran

Inventor: Mr Ghorban Ali Jafar Navessi Asl

  Post code: 58187- 18469  

Tel/Fax: 00984612333971 - Mobile: 00989143614800

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